Mrs. Hicks is founding partner and CEO at AZUL HICKS atelier de arquitectura. She was born in Mexico City. She has a Bachelor’s Degree (1991-1995) in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidad Iberoamericana, campus Mexico City. She went to Florence, Italy in 1999 and got a post grade in Interior Architecture.

With almost 20 years of experience, Architect Hicks’ professional profile outstands for her excellence since the beginning of her career and the quality, functionality and elegance of her space design and “custom made” furniture. In her professional life she has executed major works, focusing her capacity and experience to achieve various space designs such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, corporations, spas, beach houses, country houses and city apartments.

Nowadays, she has an office in Mexico and her portfolio includes many international development projects in Miami, USA, from which she expects to be acknowledged once more for her effort and dedication as she has previously and frequently been distinguished with national and international awards, including the Honorable Mention at the VII International Biennial Festival of Architecture and Interior Design in 2015.

Inspired by the richness of textures and colors of Mexico, the simplicity and elegance of the Italian design, and the artistic elements she absorbed while travelling to several countries and cultures, Azul Hicks created this natural, spontaneous, simple and timeless design line.

As a projection in time, Azul Hicks Architecture studio expects to revolutionise interior architecture by creating luxury designs and offering to her clients a vast range of possibilities.

Originality consists in returning to the origin.

– Gaudí.